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Aerial Imagery - Status of a jobsite - Security - Inspections

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UASs are capable of real-time data transfer between the UAS and the control station; some have additional on-board data storage capabilities for enhanced data collection tasks. UASs can perform tasks similar to those that can be done by manned vehicles, but often faster, safer, and at a lower cost


Aerial imagery improve the quality for a close look at things in detail. No more blind spots .A lot of footage and video of it at different angles and heights with the possibility of integrate an interactive 3D model over that. Work hand by hand with technicians on site been able to focus in the specific   needs and phases of the project on real time


Visually verify steps in road work such us counting the number of stripes painted along a newly paved road or counting the number of guard rails installed.

Status of a jobsite & Security : HD quality video and photos allow to monitor safety like number of workers present, how many were correctly wearing their personal protective equipment and check the status of the equipment. Perfect tool to deterrent and prove acts like stolen material or mistakes. In case of a setback will be able to provide almost real time aerial image to everyone and everywhere .



Our drone technology is capable of capturing high resolution images and video as well as thermal and infrared images that reduce risk in the workplace and highlight damaged areas before physical inspections take place.

  • Power Line & Cable Inspections

  • Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

  • Bridge Inspections

  • Building Inspections








One of the main concerns in the construction industry is related to safety issues.

However, even with such improvements, construction continues to be one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S. economy. One of the most important procedures for safety managers is conducting periodical inspections of the whole construction jobsite to evaluate site conditions based on safety criteria.


UASs capable of carrying a video camera and communication sensors to relay data to the ground can provide

a low cost means to achieve a "bird's eye view" and a rapid response for a wide array of transportation operations .


We can deliver high resolution images and broadcast quality video providing exceptional aerial surveys.

From roofs and buildings to chimneys, we can deliver images that are difficult and expensive to obtain by traditional methods.


A regular inspection regime using UAS will highlight issues more quickly and allow early identification of potential issues. This allows a fast response to repair, reducing downtime and boosting efficiency.


A UAS can stay or fly on top of the structures and transmit a precise image or video stream for inspecting

and monitoring purposes.


Bridge inspections: flying our UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) beneath the bridge, inspector can get a detailed view of the bridge components in far less time.


We work with our clients technical teams to involve them fully in the survey (if this is required), we offer live feed of your assets viewing real time video on the ground.


Since the UAS was equipped with video cameras, it could provide safety managers with fast access to aerial images as well as  real-time videos from a range of locations around the jobsite.



UASHOT also offer high resolution Orthophotos and 3D mapping. Using our aerial platforms, we deliver stunning outputs using Pix4D software to allow clients to convert data and deliver solutions across a wide range of applications


  • Measure hard to reach objects (landfill, mining, rubbish dumbs, quarries)

  • Generate point clouds for digital height models

  • Topographic surveys

  • Volume models and analysis

  • 3D models

  • DTM- Digital Terrain Models

  • High accuracy

  • Flexible- Import results and vectors to GIS, CAD and photogrammetry packages










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